The Elf has an App!

Great New Ideas for your Elf!

Our friends over at ComplicatedMama proudly present: Beyond The Shelf: Where To Find Your Elf – the App Store’s leading elf-hiding app!

The Elf On The Shelf has quickly become an annual holiday tradition. This app keeps track of the simple, and more creative places that the elves have been known to hide (including a little mischief along the way).

From simple to creative hiding spots – to even documenting what happened when multiple elves are in the same house, this app is great for families to use together, and can even provide some inspiration to the elves living with them.

Users are encouraged to submit pictures of great spots they’ve found their elf hiding for a chance to be featured (and credited) in a future update of this app.

Attn Parents! You may want to check out the blog & social links within the app for additional “inspiration.”

-User Submissions! This update includes over 30 pictures & new hiding spots from YOU, our users. Check the “User Submissions” section to see if your picture made it!

-A fun & challenging elf-themed puzzle to keep the little ones busy.



Sewing mends the soul (and is vey frustrating)



This elf is very busy with many things, including sewing. Christina Marie Pop-In-Kins is helping Mrs. Clause with a new dress and can hopefully help the kids clean up their rooms later today.



My elf is a hockey fan

This elf is looking for a body check.



These elves love to play a little late night hockey while the kids are asleep.  I don’t know who is going to win, but the  looser has to eat the marshmallow puck.


Thanks to the Alcorn family for sharing their great hockey photo.

This elf is rollin


See it on youtube at http://youtu.be/LDCQxdk_tRY 

The elf can gossip

Telling Santa a Secret

Your elf tells Santa EVERYTHING!



Our good friend Elfierojo the elf from Louisiana is such a gossip. He found another of Santa’s helpers in the kitchen and just had to tattle on his  poor boy Pierce. The elf said “Pssst……and then Pierce put away his toys but then he cried when it was time for bed.” Tsk tsk Elfierojo, no one likes a gossip.

What do your children think their elf says about them?  What does your elf say about you?

Ride the dinosaur

Ride that beast!

Ride that Christmas Dinosaur!



Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, you find an elf in a handmade outfit, riding a giant dinosaur and followed by a heard of smaller dinos.  Wow!  Our old friend Elfierojo the elf from Louisiana likes to lead the dinos from his kids room to the kitchen for breakfast or maybe he decided to have a dino-rodeo.

A big thanks to Elfierojo the elf and the Faith family for their great photos.

Best dressed elf

Elf making clothes and crafts

On the next season of "Fashion Elf"



This elf sure does have an eye for fashion.  Not only does he have a great family, but he wants to make sure he looks his best, so he designs his own clothes. Make sure to look at scarf and hat, and after that look at his sewing kit, pins, etc.  This elf photo is unbelievable!  One of the most talented elves we have seen. 

Fashions fade, style is eternal  -Yves Saint Laurent


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