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See it on youtube at http://youtu.be/LDCQxdk_tRY 

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Snowball Fight!

Eat my snowball!



Christopher Pop-In-Kins has a snowball fight with gingerbread minions.  I think he might be outnumbered, but he sure looks like he is having fun.  I don’t think anyone can beat an elf in a snowball fight.


Thanks to our friends at www.popinkins.com for the photo.

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Elf Underwear

This elf found underwear that had not been put away and put them on the tree for all to see!

This mischievous elf found some underwear that had not been put away properly and decided to hang them on the tree!  That should be a warning to all kids in the world to put your things away or they may be on display the next morning.

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